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21 Days Back To Business – I am South African


Take it and Punch Back

Music has played a large part in my life. Over the past week, music has helped me maintain sanity. This morning, I decided to watch Mandisi Dyantyis, Living Room Session. I have seen him perform live, at the Untitled Basement in Johannesburg, and honestly can’t get enough of his music.

There is a part in the performance where he sings the South African national anthem. To be honest, I was feeling quite emotional today. Whether it was his music or just the overwhelming amount of solidarity that is being depicted on social media.

There are a number of campaigns that I am following, people are positive and business owners are hustling. However, I can’t shake a somber tone is everyone’s efforts. The usual bombard of memes and home movie shenanigans is dwindling. Have we as a nation begun to realize the severity of the lockdown?

I would like to take this opportunity, to reignite in you the same passion with which we entered the lockdown. The realization that the world is changing, and the serious impact this will have on the rest of our lives, is a good thing.


Be the change you wish to see in the world! Whatever you’re seeking in the world, take the time now to be intentional about putting it out there. I read an amazing phrase on LinkedIn and, it is the sad reality for many of whom have always said that they don’t have the time to achieve their goals.

You may not recognize the below text until you reach the end, but I’ve chosen to write it out this way so we can rethink the text of our anthem, without its beloved, patriotic melody.

Lord bless Africa May her glory be lifted high,
Hear our prayers
Lord bless us, your children.
Lord, we ask You to protect our nation,
Intervene and end all conflicts,
Protect us, protect our nation,
Protect South Africa, South Africa.
From the blue of our skies,
From the depths of our seas,
Over our everlasting mountains,
Where the echoing crags resound,
Sounds the call to come together,
And united we shall stand,
Let us live and strive for freedom,
In South Africa our land.

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