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21 Days #BackToBusiness – Day 1


Yup! Today is my birthday, the day of the national lockdown.

I’ve been contemplating how to celebrate. Because usually, I really go out of my way to have a great birthday day.

So what does that look like today?

Introspection and the practice of positivity and gratitude.

The best part about starting the lockdown on the day of my birthday is that, after having traveled 135km to be closer to my family, and not isolated on my own. I am getting ALOT of really great and very special messages from friends and family. Special occasions always open people’s hearts to allow them to express themselves in a way they normally wouldn’t – so I’m really feeling loved. I’ll be sharing my birthday with a very special young lady today!

Surfing social media is like navigating a minefield of negativity right now. I’ve found refuge in muting some Whatsapp statuses and viewing only the ones with the true South African sense of humor. I had a really good chuckle at the gentlemen watching meet braai on his television.

So, I had a chat with a good musician friend of mine, after seeing her post on Facebook about the realities people will be facing at home for 21 days. Alcoholism, depression, abuse – what will the effect of isolation mean for those facing these challenges. I know that I tend to spiral when I’m on my own for too long, but I’ll be taking myself to the task to practice gratitude and introspection every day.


Some of the things that I am grateful for include:

My office landlords, who as an act of being good South African citizens, have decided to support their tenants through this time.

The people in my life, my team, my friends and my family

Showmax – a steady internet connection has enabled me to have a broader view of the world and switch off from the negativity

Conversations with sane and happy people. I cannot emphasize how grateful I am to be surrounded by positive and supportive people. Having a sense of humor has really curbed the emotional impact of this on small business owners.

I am confident in the sentiment being shared amongst the people I’ll get my inspiration from!

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