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21 Days #BackToBusiness – Essential, Non-Essential Services

The 10-day count down to the end of lockdown is upon us. Although it’s been an anxiety-riddled time and the future is still uncertain. Something I would like to focus on today is some of the services we take for granted.


I have taken the time to learn to do my hair on my own, but I don’t crack it quite as well as the professionals do. Video calls are increasing, I have two scheduled calls today, and I frighten myself when that video screen turns on.

Nail technicians

I wanted to soak off my nails the other day when quickly reprimanded by my mother. “You are going to regret doing that, you’re just bored”. I’m not always diligent with my regular appointments, but I always get squeezed in and enjoy a fresh set of overlay. Although this may just be aesthetic, I miss having “nails on fleek”.


One of my all-time favorite past times in enjoying a meal on my own. No doubt, I’ve probably eaten more regularly and healthier during the lockdown. Thanks, Mom! But, being able to pop out to one of my favorite restaurants, have a meal, and an hour to enjoy my own company – I will savor this more than ever.


I’ve never been a hermit, the longest streak I’ve had of staying home and routine has probably been less than 24 hours. I’m not wake up at the same time and do the same thing everyday type of person. I get inspired by differing and frequent interactions with new environments. A Facebook memory came up the other day, in 2019, I traveled to 79 locations, just with one person.

Couriers and delivery services

I am spending my lockdown period with my mom, in Ladybrand. Watching companies announce their “order online” services, is painstaking. Although being online can connect us, delivery has taken that one step further.

Live Music

There aren’t very many live music venues around anymore. Making this all the more essential. The scarce opportunity to go out and watch musicians perform, it’s something you cannot experience through any video. The creative process is being challenged. There is a certain energy and experience that comes from being making music. Although we see muso’s taking to online platforms, I simply cannot wait to attend another concert.


What is important to you? Although it’s not a basic need, we all have those feel-good, pleasures that we cannot wait to get indulge.

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