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21 Days #BackToBusiness – Jazz On The Lawn

It is Sunday, 29 March 2020

Many people have been expressing their experience of not knowing which day of the week it is, and this is something similarly experienced during the festive seasons. Let us be grateful for another time of the year in which to reflect, reconnect and recharge.

Today’s post is all about good music, and how GigCulture got to a point of building a live music platform and contributing to the industry over 10 years in Bloemfontein and the Free State at large.

To-date GigCulture in partnership with key stakeholders has successfully hosted Jazz On The Lawn, 9 times a year since March 2018. Because it’s Sunday and it’s all about good music, I would like to share the music of the line up that would have been performed today.

Check out: View MkizwanaPablo Mosina, and BrianMyGuy

From where I am sitting, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and I can feel the music bustling through my body – Sunday has always been a day for a couple of drinks and some great music, be it R ’n B or Jazz, you know what I’m talking about…

My song for today is African Skies, the Mkizwana Ensemble

“Beautiful skies,
waters fall,
green trees all of over my Africa
Land scapes, languages
Dark skin, cultures, and love
Mountains, animals, rivers, and valleys
The so evergreen forests
All the above describes my African Skies”

My conversation with Viwe this morning, I indicated that this particular song resonated with me. The perfect Sunday, lockdown song.

“The inspiration behind the song was, as humans, in general, we often focus more on the negative things, I sat back and I thought how about I try to count all the amazing/positive things we should be grateful for in Africa, and well they were so many and made me realize these should be a constant reminder to us of how lucky we are, the lyrics just came to me, and I felt the need to write lyrics and use vocals to get the message across.”

I have a massive affinity for the Free State Province

Music, which started as a hobby, transformed into a career. The ecosystem in which we operate, from performing to hosting events is incredible. Diverse and unique in its nature. They say that success is achieved through adversity, I cannot wait to see what the future of our industry holds.

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