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21 Days #BackToBusiness – Online Concert with Emily Dangwa

We missed you all so much yesterday

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The narrative of staying engaged and connecting during lockdown is essential to the objective of the message we are sharing. I’ve been having lots of conversations with old friends and making new connections over the past week.

This particular conversation is quite close to my heart. Emily Dangwa and I are patrons of the music academy we attended in Ladybrand. This takes us way back to around 2004 – 2007. I’ve observed and occasionally been a part of Emily’s musical journey over the years.

Performing and all that Jazz…

She’s a mother to two beautiful twin boys, as adorable as they are, I commend this woman for the finesse with which she handles the dynamite duo. She’s recently moved to Namibia, she got married, and balances a thriving teaching business, alongside her performance career.

Being a performance graduate, the challenges I would face as a teacher, being self-employed, long hours and being a mother. I decided to dedicate my time to make those who have chosen this path. As Lesley Jennings and GigCulture, do reach out and let us know how we can assist you.

I sent her some questions to learn more about how she’s spending her time during the lockdown and how it’s affected her business.

Remember to tune in at 15:00 today, for a stellar show!

We’re seeing an increase in online performances. Have you decided to go this route to keep your audience engaged?

Yes, I have. Thursday I will be giving a 15min concert.

Online lockdown concert 2 April 20 15:00

You’re such a powerhouse performer, and you’ve done a lot of collaborations – can you expand on why this is so important to you and how it’s contributed to your success?

Collaborations allow an artist to expand their audience. It also births new genes, growing music as we know it.

What would you share for people in the industry who are being affected by this?

We rarely have time to create and plan our next creative move. These 21 days should be used to center, create, develop, sharpen and plan the next epic performances, albums, singles, music videos and collaborations to come.

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