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21 Days #BackToBusiness – Part 1: Marketing with M. Senaoana

Conversations are essential when you’re cooped up in your house for 21 days with the same people

It’s also essential not to get caught up in the fear riddled maze of perpetual news search and social media. I’m in a number of Whatsapp groups, all to do with business and supporting businesses within my community. I have an array of emotions about the type of content that is being shared, and unfortunately, what is usually a great chat room for business and support, has turned into arguments, fake news, and negativity. So given the current landscape, I’ve been avoiding social platforms.

WhatsApp notification; M. Senaoana – “Hi Lesley, how you doing?”.

The universe doesn’t play guys. In the time that I am driving my team to take digital marketing courses, sharing ebooks and signing up for every possible free online course. WhatsApp brings me this guy!

In 2019, Teboho Thabang Seboka, the chapter director for Startup Grind Maseru, invited me to co-host a workshop. This is where I met Motebang Senaoana. After my presentation on marketing and the impact, it has on my business. M Senaoana takes to the stage and breaks down everything I had presented into a scientific yet practical guide.

In our conversation on Whatsapp, after reading one of his blogs, I wrote back to him; “OMG! You managed to explain Twitter”.

So we’ve agreed to publish a series of co-contributed blog posts for our GigCommunity. Where I’ll be sharing some practical stuff on marketing, new things that I am learning and what my experiences have been.

Mr Senaoana will break it down into information that you can apply to your business right away! Let’s do this!

Is social media marketing working for you?

It’s astounding that people still find social media to be this scary thing that businesses cannot navigate. I can empathize with businesses who struggle to leverage the power of social media. We have a Social Media Queen and an army assisting to manage our social media platforms. But we get the results we want from social media, and that has taken some brainstorming sessions, a lot of learning, not to mention trial and error. I watched a video today, on Forbes8 from the CMO of one of the leading social media management apps. He indicated that, although a scientific approach is required to enhance creativity. Today it’s more possible to release as much content as possible. This will form the basis of your testing. That’s what we do! Cast wide, evaluate and create.

This is what Senaoana has to say on the matter

Currently, the most exploited platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but as more businesses join, the key goals of social media are being neglected as we are using these platforms more as notice boards and online advertising boards and less as social-communicative tools.

Followers do not want to feel as though you’re communicating to the larger crowd, but rather to them specifically and any forms of communication must be intentional, not forgetting tailoring content as per your right platform. Hence the emphasis on Audience, Target/objective, and the Right Platform.

Content Marketing for businesses has boiled down to:

  • Customer Service
  • Monitoring Engagement
  • Brand Management

Rather than thinking selfishly as a company, you have to think from the consumer perspective (Design Thinkers would love this). So every person is one of the four kinds:

  • See: largest addressable audience
  • Think: a qualifiable audience with commercial intent
  • Do: the subset of audience that is looking to buy
  • Care: your customers

This now means any organization should aim for its content marketers to be Social, Relevant and Consistent.

Read the full post here.

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