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21 Days #BackToBusiness – Sobriety, mental health, and motivation

Monday, it’s hustle day.

I’ve been seeing a spike in communication today, the weekend is over. Yesterday on the news, the initiative; World Without Wine, was featured. Some people may be hungover today, some may be waking up to the realization that the acquisition of more booze in impossible.

The discussion around the consumption of alcohol has been a rather controversial one. We’ve seen people consume alcohol with phrases such as “it’s wine o’clock”, “it’s 12 o’clock somewhere”. The important thing to ask; is this for recreation, with absolutely no underlying dependency?

I’ve had my bad encounters with alcohol, initially, it was all part of the industry and a simple matter of wrapping up the day. Until it became clear that, when ordering a beverage or heading to the fridge, alcohol was a form of coping. The worst part of stepping away from this is realizing how many people around you consume alcohol in the same way that you did.

When it comes to habits, many of us claim to be able to stop when required. How is that working out for you? I have never had a good relationship with alcohol, from loved ones who abused it to my own experience with it – yet I still jump on the bandwagon when the bottles appear.

Addiction, procrastination, and laziness

What is the psychology behind addiction? Process addictions relate to non-substance related behaviors such as gambling, spending, sexual activity, gaming, internet, and food. Psychologists‘ oldest definition of addiction is that the addict has a lack of self-control. The addicted party wants to abstain, but they can‘t resist the temptation.

A Proactive Guide to the Psychology of Motivation – A Book by Roman Gelperin

Addiction does not have to be drugs, sex or alcohol. Sit down to identify anything that might be negatively inhibiting you from reaching your full potential. Negative thinking, food, lack of exercise – it’s been proven that we become addicted to negative feelings about ourselves. Why? Because change is scary.

We all know what “the right thing to do”, or “the right way to live” is. Why have we not been able to attain that type of lifestyle yet?

My piece of advice is to take it day by day, and item by item. Notice how you can come up with an array of excuses for why you have not yet achieved what you truly believe you want to achieve. The cumulative effect of small victories is an unimaginable version of yourself and your life.

Remember, you once wished to be where you are now!

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