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Being a freelancer has grown in popularity over the years

Something that hasn’t been highlighted, however, is that some industries force you to be a freelancer. Working in the creative industry, to effectively market and sell your products you need to develop the skills. I’m pretty certain that, many of you have run down the rabbit hole of building a personal brand, developing a website and setting up your social media pages. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Many businesses boast great success. Others find themselves defaulting to traditional strategies such as word of mouth or being restricted to their immediate community. The power of digital marketing is priceless, but this comes only through skill development and education.

What I’ve learned

I was an early adopter of many online tools and resources. I had systems in place, using platforms to streamline my workflow, which left an impression of professionalism and efficiency. Clients are convinced that I had an office and staff. Many people are marveled by the fact, that I could run my business from the comfort of, well anywhere I felt like.

However, I have been stuck in not being able to grow or reach the targets that yield results. This is because the information isn’t as readily available if you don’t know what you are looking for. How many times have you trolled the web to find answers? And wound up time, after time on a page that needs you to sign-up for some nominal fee after being tricked into “free” services?

Empower your hustle

Using the right online tools to improve how your customer experience.

For some funny reason, basics can become a tremendous task for a freelancer, particularly in the creative industry such as;

  • Packaging your offering into a proposal or presentation
  • Quoting and invoicing
  • Lead generation and sales pipelines

Did you know that consumers who receive communication concisely and effectively are more likely to use and pay for your services?

Delivering your skillset or talent is easy, so why face challenges in the administration?

There is power in apps and cloud-based services. They integrate across platforms, making your life easier, and packing your brand in beautiful professional communication. All you need to learn is what your processes are. Establish your criteria and communicate.

On numerous occasions, I receive banking details on Whatsapp, invoices without banking details, and contracts that grossly contradict their contents. This needs to come to an end in order for your customers to take you seriously. If you’re going to be sending anything out, make sure you have quality control measures in place, set up a step-by-step process and a policy that governs what you put out.


In upcoming posts, we’ll be going in-depth about the tools you can use for

  • Financial Management
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Tips on using your cloud-based software


Check out some of our other posts on marketing your business. If you need assistance empowering your hustle, contact us.

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