21 Days #BackToBusiness – The More You Learn – The More You Earn

The More You Learn – The More You Earn

Indicated in the first blog post, The Day Before – I shared a list of things I would be committing to for the 21-day lockdown. The theme and purpose of this blog are to encourage positivity and drive the campaign of #BackToBusiness because #IamBloem. One of the things I strongly believe and have witnessed the manifestation of dedication is reading books regularly. I’ll be sharing my recommended digest soon.

Applying the narrative of learning, I’ve also decided to turn to online sources for inspiration and learning, to contribute to the development of the business in this abundance of time. As rewarding as it would be to switch off and unwind, as a business owner, the anxiety to keep working is building.

We all know about the mainstream resources available to entrepreneurs through YouTube and personalities for inspiration – one of the things I really dislike is being told something that I have heard or read time and time again – this can become boring for someone looking for fresh inspiration. I have subsequently spent my morning listening to Tai Lopez. He makes references to a number of key characteristics and strategies to curb stagnation and boost productivity. This is what I would like to share with you today – le’ts keep moving!

Health, wealth, love and happiness working in your favor

Why don’t they teach this stuff in schools?

Be careful of getting too far behind. The chains of habit or too weak to be felt, until they’re too strong to be broken. – Warren Buffet

Three things to work up the pyramid

  1. Know your life’s purpose: Really begin to examine how well you know your life’s purpose. Are you able to say if really quickly, without thinking?
  2. Know how to win friends and influence people: you have to have powerful social skills. The law of 33% – spend time with people ‘below you’, people ‘on your level’ and people ‘above you’. Change your social circle – to change your life.
  3. Know what motivates you, how to overcome procrastination: Procrastination is the killer of hopes and dreams. How to do half the work but get twice the work done – focus on becoming efficient. Work S.M.A.R.T

The take away from this lesson and information sharing is that you should not focus on the material gain, but instead focus on what drives you to achieve the life you want. Challenge a friend, family member or a colleague to complete some of these activities with you; accountability always promotes success. Use these steps to compel you to live a better life.

“Do what others won’t, so that you can live the life that others won’t”

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