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Attending Events – Be prepared for anything

We are in the habit of cancelling plans, due to a number of reasons, this post will walk you through being ready for any situation.


Weather is in no one’s control, sometimes it can be a great talking point when everything is going wrong – stick it out. A good pair of gumboots and a raincoat/umbrella can assist in making it through an outdoor event. Fortunately, living in South Africa, we aren’t subjected to incredibly harsh weather conditions, so, let it go, have fun even if it starts to drizzle. Just be sure to put on the right clothing and take extra ammunition just in case, it will make for a great chat later when you’re recapping with your friends.


No event should ever begin late, a 15 minute grace period is acceptable, anything longer than that is unacceptable and should be treated accordingly – organisers, please start on time – event goers, please demand a refund if you’re forced to wait around simply because you showed up. Don’t just accept the circumstances, and never attend again – raise it with the organisers and allow them to make it up to you.


Methods of payment, many events accept cash – debit cards & cashless options, however, not all options are available all the time, take multiple payment methods with you. Sometimes ATM’s are a far reach when you’ve already entered the event grounds. For the organisers, take this into consideration, get creative to allow your attendees various payment options, some events even have “cash points”, similar to the cash back service offered at grocery stores.


Don’t abuse facilities, sometimes it’s not because the organisers were unprepared, it takes one person with a funny idea to ruin the fun for everyone. Signage is in place for a reason, that reason is that someone thought it would be a good idea to clog drains, remove infrastructure or use facilities inappropriately – respect the organizer and respect fellow attendees.

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