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Attending Events – Give feedback, don’t be too critical

We’ve all stepped into a new event and thought to ourselves, one of two things; “WOW! this is the most amazing experience ever” or, spent several hours rolling our eyes at the service, the products, the prices and the entertainment.

If you had a good or bad experience, please reach out to the organisers through their event page, websites or via email to let them know about your experience. Believe it or not, this information provides organisers valuable insight to improve their events for a better experience next time.

Not only is it important for the organisers to know, let your fellow event attendees know that they can trust the event or if they should stay away from the experience. We all trust recommendations and rely on word of month, if enough people are talking about something great, FOMO kicks in and you just have to check it out for yourself, so spread the word – or share the link.

In giving feedback and sharing public opinions, don’t be too critical, a lot goes into running an event, some events create from blank canvas, and this can be really expensive, so take it easy on the organizer if the service is a little bit slow, or there wasn’t sufficient seating provided – one way to beat this challenge is to arrive on time. With this said, we all know what standard of quality to expect when attending events, so be sure to share your experience with the organiser if they did not meet the standard they promised to deliver.

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