Attending Events – Know What You Want

Whether you’re hosting or attending, know exactly what you want to get out of it. There is nothing more disappointing than attending an event, that you had anticipated would be a certain duration or would have a particular program and that is not what you got.

People tend to be very critical about things because of predetermined notions that a particular event should be run in a specific way. This is where a huge disconnect comes in when trusting an event advert.

In our own experience, an example I often use, is one of business networking events, yeah the theme is business, but when I attend a business networking event, I want value for my time there, meaning I am going to meet like-minded people and get information that will contribute to my business.

More often than not, the organisers of these events get tied up in getting business agencies and service providers to talk at you about their products, and you have spent 4 hours of your life, watching a live infomercial instead of getting valuable insight about business.

Let us know of you’re experiences when attending an event

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