Attending Events – Plan a head, and have a budget

Why is attendance dwindling?

Because more often than not, we hear that people didn’t know about a particular event. I don’t think that is true, the reality of the cost and the lack to plan and commit, is the biggest challenge we are facing.

Events are hosted to create special experiences and celebrate occasions that are meaningful to us. So, how can you be better prepared? On average, there are 4 weekends a month in which you can set days aside to do something, unfortunately, we have noticed that organisers will target month end because of the perception that everyone has money – leaving your calendar rather saturated. Make a choice, because guess what? Next month you’ll have a whole series of other choices.

Go onto the internet and look up what is happening in your area, next decide what you’ll be doing, and draw up a budget for that day; this will include the cost of your tickets, food & beverages, transport and an extra amount just to be safe. Next, make arrangements, invite your friends – create a WhatsApp group – commit.

Also if you have a job with odd hours, or if you have young children, make plans to get the time off work or arrange a babysitter. We all know how frustrating transport can be; organise with your friends who have cars to pool to the event, or select a reliable service for which you can split the costs and identify a convenient pick up point.

Finally, have a good time!

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