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Your ability to pivot is essential, but maintaining your core values is authentic. Imagine doing business without inhibition because your products speak to the values of why you started?

This is true for a local business that specializes in the production of a skincare range made that is truly African.

Yivani is offering soaps and sanitizers during the plight of the global pandemic, as a measure to contribute towards the high demand. Still maintaining their approach to using products that are African, and good for you.

// Sage //

MPEPHO is also known as Helichrysum Odoratissimum, native to South Africa. Grows between dunes and shrubs in The Cape. Also be found along the coastal mountain ranges of KwaZulu-Natal. We all know it’s associations with traditional practices and is a household kept secret. Who would have thought to use it in soap? When charcoal activated everything was all the rage, Yivani has been incorporating natural African ingredients in their products since their incorporation.

Yivani Naturals is a skincare company that makes use of natural ingredients from indigenous South African herbs. Founder Ntshantsha Tafeni–Majombozi originally sold her products through cosmetic shops and health spas. But has in the last year begun opening a series of stores around Johannesburg – and the business just keeps growing.

Taking care of yourself as a hustler is paramount to your well being. A regime of good products that are made of good things can contribute to your self-care routine.

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