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#BossTribe | Be A Big Brand, Build A Tribe

So you want to build a big brand? Developing the #BossTribe content with Motebang Senaoana, has been such an insightful and refreshing look into improving our business. I cannot stress enough, the quality conversations you need to be having, when you are building your business.

You are where you are, how can you build a big brand? Every single story starts with a dream. Wanting to be the best at something. Envisioning yourself in a position. Your name on a building or in lights. Where you are today, is a lot further than where you were when you started. Dreaming is a big part of that. Telling that story is how you connect with your audience.

The book ‘Shoe Dog’ by Phil Knight communicates this journey perfectly. In the pursuit to develop the best trainer, the brand Nike was born. It didn’t start in the kitchen or basement with a team of excited college dropouts. A man, serious about running, sought to create the best running shoe that he could. His journey to achieving this included developing the iconic swoosh brand we’ve all come to know and love. Learning about business, being screwed over, and making decisions about things then, that have more impact now. Marketing was the vessel used to get the product into the hands of its consumers, but the purpose was to get the best product into those hands.

We’ve seen more brands such as Nike, Nandos and Apple as great examples. With consumers emotionally connecting with the storyline and in the end, the product in itself, the prime focus is on the latter. In the field of marketing, it is argued consumers walk through the traditional consumer funnel, from awareness, consideration then finally conversion. This means it is pivotal for marketers to dwell on the consideration stage to capture the attention of the end-user. While this is important, the idea then becomes how do you, while on the conversion stage keep users loyal, coming back for more and ultimately influence others?

Word of mouth

The oldest trick in the book. Later on developing into network or affiliate marketing, leveraging from more advanced marketing strategies to grow sales. If people truly bought into great marketing, we wouldn’t visit the reviews section of their website. Opinions and experience of other consumers are still a driving force for others buying decisions. Leverage from that power by delivering the best product or service that you can. Center the quality of your product in your dream. Always circle back, when developing or delivering your product/service, to ensure it’s quality.

Your Tribe

As much as we believe our family and friends buy our products because they’ve got some sort of obligation to. This source of clientele dies out very quickly unless you’re selling water. So if your business is retaining clients and growing due to referrals, it’s probably because you’ve got a good product. Now that you’ve managed to develop a good product. How do you build your tribe?

Your product speaks to a target market. Start by defining that audiences, we refer to buyer personas. Understand your customer’s journey, then work on refining it through your communication and content.

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