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#BossTribe | Tell A Story, Develop Brand Loyalty

Think of a great brand, they tell a story, thus develop brand loyalty. You know who the founder is, why and how they started. How many consumers they have and you probably come in contact with that brand on a regular basis. Is it great marketing? A great product? Or the fact that they have the right people repping their product?

The truth is, it’s a combination of those things

Great brands make great efforts to develop amazing products, that thrill, and delight their consumers. Once they’ve created a superior product, they ensure that people recognize the quality and talk about it. They deliver high quality consistently, developing loyalty.

In conversation with Motebang, we were discussing how often we see brilliant marketing campaigns, however, become incredibly disappointed with the actual product. Remember that it does take time to create perfection. Don’t get caught up at the drawing board, developing your product. The reality is that you need to bring your product to market in order to test and continuously refine and improve. By having engaging campaigns, and delivering on your promise, you build brand loyalty.

A number of brands have mastered the concept of finding a value proposition, establishing a brand voice and using these (and other variables like strategy) to build an image that users relate with enough to cement brand loyalty so strong, we develop a cult-like mindset and religiously fall in love with their entire brand. The gospel of storyline over product has, in pursuit of encouraging consumer experience, been sung in the ears of entrepreneurs, marketers and content creators alike to make us all understand the significance of connecting with us emotionally in order to add more value.

Don’t just tell a great story

Behind every great story, needs to be substance. The early stage of entrepreneurship, all the literature indicates that you should focus on your elevator pitch and how to get your product to market. This is assuming that you already have an awesome product to market. We would like to focus on the process of developing a great product in order to ensure you have a great story to write.

We’re not here to walk you through product development. However, we’d like to offer something to consider when you decide to take a particular product or service to market.

Have you ever made use of the service yourself?

Often I come into contact with people who want to create concepts and pursue ventures that they’ve never experienced themselves. This is true for both products and experiences. If you’ve never made use of premium products or attended incredibly high-quality experiences, you are not able to replicate or improve on this in your own offering. Make sure you get the right experience and exposure to your business idea. This will ensure that you are fully aware of the challenges and the actual consumer experience. You don’t know, what you don’t know.

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