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Entrepreneurship is one of the hardest decisions one might undertake. It is a hard and lonely road and the fact that statistics continue to highlight the high failure rate of small businesses is even more worrisome. Navigating entrepreneurship in the current economic climate becomes even harder as a creative seeking to not only make a mark but also make a living off their talents. This is where Creatives Corner comes in.

Creative’s Corner is a social innovation hub that looks to provide an engaging platform for the creative industry in Central South Africa. Participants from various backgrounds in the creative sector are encouraged to tackle pertinent issues that have proven to be inhibitors in the creative market place. All the while learning from and collaborating, where possible. It is a chance to introspect and discover the real challenges faced by creatives and market growth within our locality.

The first session ran under the theme ‘Perspective’. Exploring how creatives perceive themselves concerning their businesses and the environments they find themselves operating in. The exchanges were not only informative but provided some clarity on several issues that assessed the current state of creative affairs in Bloemfontein, its digital landscape as well as general perceptions regarding the future of the local creative industry.

The concept was birthed from a visible disjuncture within the creative industry and the value-chain created therein. Therefore, empathy also plays a major role in understanding how, within the creative sector, multi-disciplinary fields tend to overlap and face similar issues.

Collaboration across industries is a key driver for development, especially in the conception stages of any business or idea. Some of the expected outcomes include a more informed small business environment, an innovative and conducive business environment, and a collaboration friendly small business environment.

The next session will focus on ‘Assigning Value’ and will interrogate how different creatives put a value on the work they make. If the first session was anything to go by, then any creative entrepreneur looking for insights on how to monetize their craft should take the invitation seriously.

Join the family this Saturday, 14th September 14:00-15:30 at 80 Oliver Tambo Road, BFN. Entrance is free so you don’t want to miss out!

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