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Digital Influence | Part 3: Marketing with M. Senaoana

Digital Influence – Twilebs, felebs and Instalebs

I don’t even know if the last one is an actual term. More recently Tik Tok is racing to the top of the charts. If you’re a personality, with reach and influence. How are you leveraging from your digital presence?

I’ve been spending a lot of my time doing research on how to manage online brands; the tools, and techniques to ensure sustainable growth. A very interesting observation made by one of the online Guru’s – is that social media is not sustainable. What would happen if your account was hacked or your preferred social media platform became irrelevant?

Add Value – Monitor and communicate that value

I’ve been quoted exorbitant amounts of money for influencer marketing. This got me thinking that the number of followers one has, isn’t justifiable for this price. Where is the value?

In order to monetize something, you need to be able to offer value and exactly how do you do that?

Cue, Mr Senaoana. In his post, he breaks down the difference between influencers and brand ambassadors.

It does go without saying if you have any intentions of being an influencer, content is king, and conduct is queen! Basic skills in online marketing are not just for marketers and entrepreneurs. These skills are essential for all those who wish to build an online image. Your social media presence should show that you’re intentional, engaging, and knowledgeable in your industry.

Build your craft and be patient with it, never sacrifice quality and stay focused

The true impact of your digital influence is the ability to communicate value over negotiating the price. Don’t make any decisions that sacrifice your client’s values or overall “brand’. Ambassadors and influencers need to know how to measure their engagement, strategize on content to grow following, and improve engagement. Social media users are suckers for content, so you must be a beast with documenting and curating.

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