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#EmpowerYourHustle | Content Marketing

Practitioners within the creative industry need to take on the challenge of getting their businesses online through content marketing. For many creatives, they focus solely on their craft and skill set, delivering services/products without paying attention to marketing and adding value.

Observing the landscape of online learning platforms, education has taken to the web and is being consumed exponentially because they provided a very essential solution to a problem. Long-distance and e-learning have been around for a while, but people are looking to study more effectively, cheaply or entirely for free.

Check out some of these examples for e-learning that is dominating the space; GetSmarter UCT, Future Self Academy, Google Digital Garage.

In Lesotho, we have identified the LM Foundation. It appears that private education solutions are adapting more rapidly to market demand. This is the core of adding value to consumer needs.


Traditional marketing is a term that is used for doing things the “conventional way”. Creating a social media page is the step where most brands stop. There is an incredible amount of work that needs to be done in order to effectively promote and market your brand. Signing up for accounts and subscribing to learning programs, is merely starting the process. You then need to do the work.



In a conversation with visual artist, David Griesel. He emphasized the importance of continuously producing content. Create like it’s your full-time job, let’s face it because it is!

If you are a writer, you write for your brand, and then how do you spend the rest of your day? Are you contributing to other publications? Ghostwriting for other brands? Featuring as a guest in other people’s content? Are you assisting and building communities within your industry?

The very exciting dynamic of the internet is that everyone is accessible. You won’t always get the answer you want, but if you cast your net wide enough, you will get a response.


Create and add value

Now that you have thought about how to bring your content to your audience. It’s time to start creating, and when you do create, be sure you’re adding value. Adding value addressing the customer experience, how are you going the extra mile for your consumers?

Do research to ensure that the relevance of your content is timed perfectly. Using a content schedule and doing an event audit can assist you in planning your content, so that it is relevant to what people want at the time or what is going on in the world. Planning doesn’t mean you need to be prepared for a year in advance. Giving the highly dynamic and rapidly changing environment we find ourselves in, simply planning your content for a month can streamline your workflow and assist in avoiding creative blocks.

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