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“Hi, I think your product is really dope. I’d like to buy it. Here is the money”

Every creative’s dream! This is a sales process that we all want for our businesses. However, the reality is, because we are usually a one-man business, the cost of sales is usually quite high and we haven’t figured out how to price our products or services. The other side of the coin, is exposure, marketing, and ambassadorship. I can guarantee that your sales  process probably resembles the following:

“Hi, I think your product is really dope. I don’t really have the money to buy it right now, but I have a great social media presence and I’ll get all my friends to buy it when they see it.”

You agree. The next day, this person is using that same social media presence to post some expensive commercial products they bought from an international outlet. *Face Palm*

Don’t be disheartened by this. Set your business up correctly from the beginning, know your worth, and identify partners ahead of time that you would like to align your brand with. Don’t let your customers sell to you! A great tool, available from FNB is the FUNDABA program, it’s a really straight forward and relevant guide to setting up your business the right way.

This brings us to the secret to success

Customer Experience. Ensure that you set up strict processes for your customer experience. The quality needs to be matched every single time. Attention to detail, turn around time, personal touches, and delivering on your promise. These are all paramount to your business gaining trust and traction.

In this post, we feature our favorite marketer from Lesotho, Motebang Senaoana. This is what he has to say on the topic of customer experience. Click here, for the full post.

Don’t Just Market, Communicate

Context and Diversity. Where are the videos? Actual people enjoying the place? Vlogs from influencers documenting their entire journey? Because, what draws consumers more towards a product or service is not the service or product directly, but the story and experience behind it. Therefore, you cannot sell experience with content lacking context and human experience.

The content marketing matrix allows for an entire consumer knowledge journey from the first encounter, usage, and connection. It, therefore, builds emphasis on four main features: Educate, Convince, Entertain, and Inspire. This helps make use of not only how to appeal to the market, but also how to measure impact (in the form of Social Media KPIs). Each energy, time, and money should be pivoted to appealing towards a certain emotion of the consumer. In decision making, logic is used more often to justify emotion because as humans, we act towards that which connects us emotionally. This calls out each leader to be strategic with how they engage users online.

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