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#EmpowerYourHustle | Digitise your business

Digitise your business

This blog post is particularly exciting for me. Because I’ll be sharing all the tools that have enhanced how we’ve worked at GigCulture. So funny story, we’ve been online, using tools such as MailChimp, Zoom, and GSuite since 2014.

Now we’ve had time to get into more tools and really learn how powerful they are when used properly. The wonderful shift of people moving to use technology more effectively. We won’t have to introduce them to new ways of engaging with us, it will become the norm.

Stay ahead of change, and use some of these tools to digitize your business. I’ve listed 5 of my top favorite software and services that have really made a difference in increasing our productivity.


WhatsApp for Business

Automated responses help in guiding your prospective clients. Our welcome message ends with a call to action, asking the client to let us know “what we can do for them”. This is paramount to increasing productivity by eliminating small talk and possibly losing a sale through a staggered communication process. Not everyone wants to engage in email, and it is still one of our primary processes to have ‘EVERYTHING IN WRITING’. Making WhatsApp for business a great platform to achieve this. I don’t believe that you need loads of communication apps, because it segregates your communication, and I am all about consolidation. I don’t want to have to find a picture in my email, a voice note in WhatsApp and minutes from a meeting elsewhere – when all relating to one conversation. This brings me to the next very important tool for consolidating coms.

Effective communication is paramount to digitise your business. Formulate frequently used phrases to save time.


What a dream come true. Everyone is okay with you have a Gmail account for your business, but it makes that small difference when you have your own personalized domain. GSuite offers this at a very affordable rate, and you pay as you add users. Although you could argue that you get the same tools with a free Gmail account, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a personalized domain. GSuite offers all the online word processing software, collaborative cloud-based tools, and storage. Why is this important? When you’re part of a project or your team is working remotely. You are able to make live changes and track those changes, within and outside of your organization. These apps are available on your computer and cellphone, so no matter where you find yourself, you can access all your information quickly and easily from any device. Besides, have you seen the price of Office 365? So not worth it once you’ve experienced the freedom of GSuite.


Facebook Creator Studio

I have been somewhat removed from our social media for various reasons. Since returning to the helm of the ship to improve my digital skills, I realized how much of an improvement Facebook as made to their content management system. Having used social media management software previously to schedule content and cross-platform management, hands down, Facebook Creator Studio has taken it to the next level. They even provide you with useful tips on what type of content to create, which will generate the desired engagement you need to effectively grow your business. Funny story, this is no secret. Just click on the tab and get cracking – it won’t cost you a dime.


Now, here is a tool for creatives that think they don’t have the business acumen to run a successful business. You don’t have to, because HubSpot has got it all laid out for you. Within the HubSpot Academy, you can learn all the jargon associated with the skills required to build and manage your online marketing activities. Once you’re all clued up, follow the step by step guide to setting up your HubSpot account, with the tips provided, you’ll be well on your way to having a powerful CRM process for your business.



Accepting payments should be easy. Yoco ensures that you don’t encounter any excuses for getting paid. Own your speed point device, and only pay a commission when as you make sales. To add to the speed point offer, you can now accept online payments and sell gift vouchers. Their POS is a free app that you can use to manage and recon your transactions if you’re not the “admin type”. Although we neglect these processes in our business, it is essential for us to know what we are selling and to whom. Having data gives you control over your business. Aside from their amazing products and software, YOCO hosts a series of events, offers information and walks a very close journey with its customers.

Need help getting set up on these platforms or simply deciding what’s right for you to digitise your business? Contact Us!

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