#EmpowerYourHustle | Do something you believe in

Start with why, by doing something you believe in, you’re guaranteed to succeed

This tweet by Mashudu Modau inspired today’s post. After reading the tweet this morning, I had a call for some business advice. Guess what came up there? “Your language tells me you’re really doing what you want to do. You believe in what you’re doing”. Does this make your business economically sustainable? No, it doesn’t, but it does mean that what you’re doing will give you enough drive to push through even the toughest time.

Some of us find ourselves doing what we do, either for money or because we committed ourselves to a particular career choice. That draining feeling of “why am I doing this again?”. Here is a piece of advice, buckle down, and define your passion hustle. It might not be obvious from the onset of how you will make money. Take the time to share your passion with people, and many people in order to soundboard how you can build a business out of your passion. Because when we dream about our hustle in silence, it never materializes. In order for you to realize your ultimate goal, you need to speak it into reality.

Turns out that today has been throwing inspiration in my face at every turn. Upon logging onto Facebook, I stumbled upon Ikhokha’s, 7 side-hustles e-book. They cover South African businesses that have become household names, These include; NetFlorist, USN, GetSmarter, and others that real examples of side-hustles turned successful business, through passion and belief. Whether you’re solving a problem for yourself or others, some really amazing things can happen if you believe in what you’re doing.

Belief with no actual work or strategy will most likely leave you worse off

There are some strategic steps you can take to ensure that your hustle can become a full-time hustle, and live your passion every day. Another one of my favorite’s who advocates for this, is Sarah Knight, in No F*ck’s Given, she speaks to how you should live your life for you. This includes personally and in your business/career.

How can you get started? – That don’t include a business plan

  1. Write down your vision
  2. Research your market
  3. Create something you can sell
  4. Get a website
  5. Outline your automation
  6. Set up a sales funnel
  7. Build a community
  8. Create social media pages
  9. Create valuable, shareable content
  10. Refine, tweak and improve as you go

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