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#EmpowerYourHustle | Failure | GigCreative

Freelancing as a GigCreative in the GigEconmy can be an incredibly daunting experience. There’s loads of information on how to manage your business, balance your life and be successful. Let’s face it, it’s all a lie.

The one essential component of being part of the GigEconomy, is being 100% okay with failure, especially in the as a GigCreative.

In the book Do. Fail. Learn. Repeat. By Nic Haralambous, he highlights how you cannot allow yourself to stop by the fear and feelings that come with failure.

Some sound advice regardless of where you are at in your hustle:

“Cutting expenses is a great way to make sure that you give yourself the best chance of survival. Growing revenue depends very much on things you can’t control; will your customers buy your product, how many will they buy, will your suppliers come to the party and give you a good price, can your clients pay on time, etc, etc, etc. Cutting expenses is a harder but much simpler route to go. It’s hard because you’re cutting up this thing you’ve worked so hard to construct. It’s simpler because you are in control.”

If you’re not keen on grabbing a copy of this book, there is an online course of the book, through Future Self Academy that will help you digest and apply the important takeaways.

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