#EmpowerYourHustle | Partnerships aren’t sinking ships

Partnerships are only a skinning ship if you allow it

Working with others can be incredibly difficult. I attribute this to communication and managing expectations. How often have you engaged people to work together and the vision is never realized? If it is, everyone involved is miserably disappointed?

Due to the nature of the creative industry, we rely heavily on outsourcing many of our business functions. Such as design, communication, production, publishing, etc. Unfortunately at some point, you’re going to have to engage partners to fulfill services and that can be devastating if you chose the wrong business or your brief isn’t accurate.

This post is dedicated to service partners who over time have gotten the point of what I’m trying to achieve. Some of our briefing sessions have even become a simple matter of body language to confirm what is expected.

Become an authority in your industry

In today’s world of marketing and sales, you’re selling so much more than just your product or service on a daily basis. Consumers are paying attention to the experience that your brand gives them, the emotions that you invoke within them.

You’re selling yourself. Therefore Your image. Above all Your reputation.

One of the most effective ways to grow your business and audience of potential customers is by becoming a respected authority in your industry. Become known for giving out compelling, useful, complimentary advice that helps your target customers achieve their goals.

Bambisana Digital

Bringing GigCulture online was a challenging feat therefore, I engaged several web developers. Sifting through several proposals, and just didn’t feel confident in what I was hearing. So funny story, I wound up accepting the most expensive proposal of them all. Why? Not because the company itself was charging exorbitantly but they took the time to understand EXACTLY what I wanted. I give Phumie kudos because most of it was like deciphering some abstract ancient language.

Not only did they manage to decode my vision into an actionable plan. I remember spendings HOURS on the phone defining and redefining the idea I had in my head. The day I hosted a public session to introduce people to the concept and show them the demo of the site. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.


Bambisana’s promise and they’re sticking to it

Bambisana Digital is a full-service digital marketing partner. We believe authority and relevant traffic from your online presence is an asset. We maintain that benefiting from our online efforts is not reserved for just big marketing budgets. Our approach to collaboration and insights into digital marketing is perfectly suited to help any brand/organization/company.

Check them out!

Develop valuable, long-lasting partnerships with people who believe in your hustle

Over our short time working together, Phumie really feels like a friend that’s been in my life for years. Because he truly believes in what we do and genuinely cares about the company. When I start to fiddle with the site and experiment on social media. Then trust there will be a message commenting on how I can improve, or a link that will add value to my efforts.

So through GigCulture I have developed very valuable friendships with incredible people and business owners. Our partnerships have produced unprecedented results because we believe in each other beyond an invoice and a project.

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