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#EmpowerYourHustle | Reimagine and Pivot


Pivot (noun) the central point, pin, or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates. Pivot (verb) turn on or as if on a pivot.

An interesting term isn’t that. This word has become the forefront of many conversations for business owners. Yeah, it’s unprecedented times and yes the new normal is upon, blah blah. Changing the direction of your business is not easy. Many people have spent years and many many hours investing resources into refining their core business, only to be told to PIVOT.

To pivot or not to pivot? That is not the question!

On the 5th of August, last week Wednesday as part of the #LightSAred campaign, we hosted a number of creatives in business and spoke about how the lockdown has affected what they do for a living. It is my solemn belief that being pushed to pivot further perpetuates the narrative of jack of all trades, master of none.

One particular local example is DJ, radio personality, and club owner, Shaxe Khumalo. Shaxe said it point-blank, that he would not open the doors of his venue until he would be permitted to sell alcohol. His core business is in clubbing, he is not a restauranteur, and the expectation to become one is high. However, I commend those who have managed to find alternative revenue streams by taking their services online and focusing on marketing instead of changing their entire value proposition.

Here’s a different perspective. Hone in on the skills, services, and products you’ve spent so much time developing and present them with a fresh perspective. It is undoubtedly incredibly tough times, but perhaps it’s just the refresh required to improve and polish some of those ideas and systems you’ve been meaning to implement. This is what we mean when we say pivot. Pivot properly and your business will withstand the test of time.

Don’t get us wrong here. Giving your business a new shiny overhaul doesn’t mean an overnight spike in business. Always apply a methodological approach when started out, and keep your hand constantly on the pulse. Persist and persevere, but be open to feedback and your consumer feedback. We don’t always know what we don’t know.

This is what we have done to keep going during the lockdown. Welcome @GigMedia. Merchandise and promotional items are an integral part of the events industry. We’ve taken the opportunity to up-skill the team and bring brands to life. It’s been a remarkable experience. Can’t start a business in under 90 days? Ask us how!

Often when working in retail, the focus is around pushing quantities. As with our approach at #GigCulture, we maintained the same culture at @GigMedia. Quality over quantity, affordability, and accessibility. We are a brand for the people by the people, this has always been at our core.

Circling right back to adding value in what you do, will naturally yield positive results.

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