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Live Music Venues

Attentive lady

There are a number of venues in your city, where you know that a couple of times a week there will be a band performing, you can maybe grab dinner and some drinks while you enjoy what is usually a 90min performance by a band or solo artist.

These venues will normally charge a cover fee at the door, similar to what you would pay if you went clubbing. Depending on the genre and the culture of that genre or the venue, performance start times can vary, expect to attend these types of concerts between 6 pm – 9 pm start time and set aside 3 hours from arrival to departure. Sometimes there will be an intermission, giving the band a 15 min break between sets, giving you time to top-up your drinks. Note that these type of shows are usually hosted for listening purposes, not to say that one shouldn’t get up and dance or that you need to remain absolutely quiet, however, the purpose of this show is for the music, so be sure to have your meal before the band starts performing and not to be too disruptive during the performance.

You can get to learn a little bit more about the music by looking up the performing band or looking up the music they’ve indicated they’ll be performing if you’re still not sure, reach out to the organizer and request more information.

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