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Superbad Café

Who’s bad?
Super Bad!
#GigCultureSA was invited to the launch of Superbad Café in Heidedal this past weekend.
The invite was vague and mysterious, but we’re always down for a good time! Superbad Café is a
musical experience and experiment, hosted by Super Bad SA Company, which was founded by
Ronald Petersen.

The launch was held at 23 Murison street in Ashbury, Heidedal and saw a great
turn out from local dwellers. Attendees were entertained with cool tunes, live performances from
young hip hop sensation MeloGenic, songstress Allonechia and other incredible artists. Patrons were
further enticed and entertained by tantalizing drinks from Mi-Bar,Ur-Bar, which is a local mobile bar
owned by Vaughn Petersen.

Spirits were high and everyone cheerful as the evening concluded with more drinks and music. But
this is not all, as Ronald alluded. He shared plans for more events towards October, which he
believes will be a highlight in the richly cultural Heidedal area. The next event will be on the 21 st
September 2019. Be sure to check out our online calendar for more details.
We’re excited by such and look forward to much more!

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