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If you’re considering hosting an online event, keep reading

So here we are now! Level 5 lockdown, what does that mean for creatives? We’ve spoken about taking your craft online, and the useful tools to set you up for success. Now the tricky thing we need to address is monetizing your digital offering. What platform is best for you and how will you get paid for your product.

Unfortunately, at the moment, everyone is accepting and requesting “donations & tips”, this is something that the creative industry was struggling with before lockdown – was getting paid. And now because access to audiences is through free streaming platforms, we need to recalibrate the value of online entertainment.


You still need to get paid

Platforms such as Quicket, allow you to sell tickets in a conventional way for an event on a pre-determined date, as an offline event would have worked. The only difference is that you get paid, for your online events. Maybe consider making the ticket price a bit cheaper and the content perpetual so that you could have several screenings of the same performance at various times. Think pay per view.

This is where it becomes essential to up your production and marketing game. How will you add value to your digital content, making it a unique experience that will get people talking and referring to others? How can you maximize the opportunity to make money without making your consumers feel exploited or charitable?

Collaboration is key

Have you previously worked with venues or brands? Revisit these collaborations and investigate how you can make them mutually beneficial for generating income while the restrictions are in place? Refer to our content marketing post. When planning your online events consider some of these factors. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of content marketing and creating value. As much as we want to create and put content out, are people watching or listening? And if they are, who are they?


Buyer personas

Create your buyer personas, click here. This tool helps you better understand your audience. Who you’re selling to, what they like, what they’re willing to spend, and why. This should guide you in the creation of your content but also the various other factors that will guide the development of your product.


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